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What is Micro Laser Welding?

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Micro laser welding uses laser light to produce microscopic welds. Also referred to as micro welding, this type of welding process applies a light source to heat a designated area only, quickly melting the metal parts and fusing them together.

The micro aspect of this welding process is necessary to achieve the required precision because of the smallness of the pieces involved. This is a versatile, but simple form of welding a micro laser welder can use for various applications. At Micro Weld, we are your micro laser welding professionals, offering high precision welding services and solutions that produce narrow and highly precise welds.

Methods of Micro Laser Welding

Laser micro welding is applied in various ways to produce different types of welds. Keyhole welding produces a weld that is a deeper compared it its width. Conduction mode welding applies a low level of energy, producing a shallow, yet wide weld, unlike keyhole welding.

Other methods include seam and scanner welding. Microscopic laser beam welding fuses metal parts together with a nanometer-diameter light beam. A micro laser welder may use this welding process on various materials to be joined, including steel, brass, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, and platinum.

Applications of Laser Micro Welding

Methods of micro welding vary based on the application. However, multiple industries, such as electronics, medical, aerospace, and automotive can benefit from micro laser welding services.

Benefits of Micro Laser Beam Welding

The capability to fuse together extremely small parts is only one of the benefits of micro laser welding. This type of welding uses a quick and direct heat source that allows for a rapid cooldown, eliminating issues involving contortion and other damage. Micro laser welding generates a precise weld on micro-sized pieces, preserving the integrity of the welded pieces and bypassing common problems associated with standard welding practices.

At Micro Weld, we can perform micro laser welding or other types of micro welding services on your parts as needed to deliver optimum results for your applications.

To learn about the micro laser and other micro welding services we offer, call us today at 763.425.8818. Or use complete our contact form and send us a message or request a quote.

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