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Laser Beam Welding


In the intricate world of industrial manufacturing, where precision meets innovation, the importance of reliable welding solutions cannot be overstated. As industries continue to evolve, the demand for precise, high-quality welding services has never been greater. Micro Weld is one of the top industrial welding companies in the country, offering precision industrial welding services nationwide. Our custom industrial welding services and micro arc welding are ideal for various applications.

Micro Weld has earned the nationwide reputation as the best by being a seamless extension of your facility for the small but critical step in your manufacturing process. We provide reliable, trustworthy services including expert TIG and laser welding services for precision machined components.

Connecting Dots


At Micro Weld, we pride ourselves on being a leading industrial welding company, serving diverse industries with our unwavering commitment to excellence. With a focus on precision and reliability, we strive to exceed our clients' expectations, providing bespoke industry welding services and microweld solutions tailored to their unique requirements.


Industrial welding and fabrication provide dependable services to various industries, including automotive, oil and gas, gun components, and more. Whether you need TIG welding services, micro welding services, or microscopic laser welding, you can trust the experts at Micro Weld to provide the dependable services necessary to give you the desired results.


Micro Weld provides benefits for your industrial welding applications. When you request microscopic TIG welding or other industrial welding, you can trust you will save money on the process and improve the quality of your products and services with durable seams that stand the test of time. Our processes offer increased efficiency, allowing you to quickly get the products you need.

Industrial welding plays a crucial role in manufacturing, ensuring the integrity and durability of components and structures across various industries. Our micro TIG welding company understands the importance of delivering high-quality welding services that meet and exceed industry standards. Our nationwide welding services are designed to provide custom solutions that address our client’s needs, offering unparalleled craftsmanship and timely delivery.


Many industries rely on industrial welding and fabrication. Whether you need industrial welding repair or micro welding services, you will get the highest quality work from experienced welding technicians who put your needs first. We work with aerospace, gas & oil, defense, gun component, and industrial companies to produce durable welds that hold up well in many conditions and environments. You won’t find a more dependable method for your industrial welding applications.

Industrial welding suits applications in many industries, from precision machined components to complex structural assemblies. At Micro Weld, we specialize in providing precise welding solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project. Whether it's micro welding or precision welding, our team of skilled technicians have the expertise to deliver exceptional results, ensuring the integrity and reliability of every weld.


There are numerous industrial welding techniques that may be used to complete work for your company. Some of the most commonly used methods for welding include gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, and flux cored arc welding. Micro Weld employs various options, including microscopic TIG welding, microscopic laser welding, and other methods of industrial welding. Our experienced team has the highest industrial welding certification to give you peace of mind that we are the right welding service for your industrial welding applications.

Micro Weld offers comprehensive welding techniques to accommodate the diverse needs of industries across the USA. From micro TIG welding to arc welding, our team is well-versed in numerous welding processes, ensuring we can tackle even the most intricate welding tasks with precision and expertise.


Like many other industries, welding requires careful quality control to ensure every product we weld is durable and provides the desired results for our clients. When we complete industrial welding industrial fabrication or industrial welding repairs, you can trust we put everything through the most stringent quality control processes. We want you to feel confident that your welding project features a strong bond that won’t break down and will guarantee you can provide your customers with the best service possible.

Quality control is paramount in the welding industry, and we take it seriously. As an established industrial welding contractor and micro welding company, we adhere to rigorous quality control processes to ensure that every weld meets the highest standards of excellence.


From medical laser welding to other industrial welding processes, we work with many metal types to give you the best results for every project. Some common metals our micro welding services can work with include nitinol, copper, titanium, aluminum, steel, and stainless steels. Our experienced team evaluates each project to determine which metals should be used and the best methods for welding to ensure you get guaranteed results for a dependable product.

We have extensive experience working with various metals, from common alloys to exotic materials. Our team of skilled technicians have the expertise to tackle even the most challenging welding projects with ease. Whether aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium, we have the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional welding solutions tailored to our clients' requirements.


As an industrial welding company, our technicians have various industrial welding certifications to complete all of the primary welding types. We understand the best methods for industrial projects and ensure we always use methods that will give you the best results at the most reasonable prices and the fastest turnaround times. We specialize in micro laser welding services and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding services for the best results. Our team is highly skilled and qualified to complete even the most critical welds, working with precision to guarantee top-notch quality.

Micro Weld provides many welding processes, including TIG welding, arc welding, and micro welding services. As a trusted provider of TIG welding near you, we bring unparalleled expertise and precision to every welding project, ensuring optimal results that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.


Micro Weld proudly offers the best industrial welding services to businesses across various industries. Our team has a long-standing reputation for providing quality welding services to customers in the medical sector, gun components, oil and gas industry, and mold revision and repair to give you confidence that your project will provide you with the best results.

Micro Weld proudly serves industries across the USA, including aerospace, automotive, defense, and more. Our extensive experience catering to various sectors underscores our versatility as an industrial welding company, making us the preferred choice for businesses nationwide.

Welding in the Medical Industry

Medical device welding requires precision and attention to detail to guarantee functionality and patient safety. Our medical laser welding meets all current standards to ensure quality patient care.

Welding in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is one of the most vital industries to produce the oil and gas required by residents and businesses worldwide. Our TIG welding services are designed to help oil and gas companies keep their equipment in good condition to increase productivity and maintain a steady flow of oil and gas for profitability.

Welding in the Mold Revision and Repair

If you use injection molds in your production processes, they may need repairs or revisions. Our micro welding services precisely repair or revise your molds to ensure they meet your specifications and maintain high-quality production standards.

Welding in

Gun Components

Safety is a priority for firearms of all types. Our industrial welding services will produce precise welds on gun components to guarantee safety and ensure every gun fires correctly to prevent accidents and give shooters the desired accuracy.



  • Welding Maintenance and Repair – Industrial welding services are not just for creating new products and components. We also provide industrial welding repair services to keep your industrial equipment and machinery functioning correctly and reduce the costs of replacing your equipment.

  • Custom Industrial Welding Solutions – Industrial welding solutions are not a one-size-fits-all approach. Micro Weld can create custom welding solutions based on your unique needs, designing, fabricating, and repairing your products to give you the best results.

  • Choosing the Right Welding Processes for Your Project – Our experienced team can guide you in selecting the proper welding process based on your project's needs. We offer a free evaluation that will answer your questions and help you make an informed decision.

  • Benefits of Welding and Custom Fabrication – Your company has unique needs and requires specific components and products to do your work well. With our custom industrial welding and fabrication services, you can expect our welding services will exceed your expectations.


Precision and reliability are at the core of everything we do. Our commitment to custom solutions and nationwide reach ensures every project is executed with the highest precision and efficiency. Whether you need a defense TIG welding company or intricate micro welding techniques, we stand as a beacon of excellence in the industrial welding landscape. We provide our clients with reliable welding solutions they can trust.



Micro Weld stands apart with its unparalleled experience, swift turnaround times, and unwavering reliability in industrial welding services. Our dedication to exceeding customer expectations makes us the premier choice for industrial welding solutions across the USA. With Micro Weld, you can rest assured that your welding needs are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on what you do best – driving innovation and excellence in your industry.

25+ years of experience working with all types of materials.

We offer precision welding of jigs, fixtures and other precision machined components requiring experience and creativity that we have. 


We provide a quick turnaround time.

Micro Weld, Inc also has same day service available.

Are you searching for reliable micro welding near me? Contact us today to request a quote and discover how we can elevate your welding projects to excellence. With Micro Weld, you can trust your welding needs will be met with the highest quality and professionalism, ensuring optimal results that exceed your expectations.

We don’t mind being labeled the “safe choice” by our customers. In fact, we love it! We know how important it is to find a reliable, trustworthy partner for your projects. And, when timing is critical, you need the safe choice. When you need micro welding, TIG and laser welding, call us. We are the safe, reliable choice.

Contact Micro Weld today to learn more about our services.

Industrial Welding Service


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