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Laser Welding Versus Micro Welding

If you are planning to do precise and controlled welding, two methods come to mind. These are laser welding and micro welding. Both have their advantages for specific applications.

Laser Versus Micro Welding

Laser welding works with low heat. This is in direct contrast to what is required for micro TIG welding. Micro welding requires the use of higher temperatures to accomplish its goals. Laser welding is able to address the demands of applications where thinner materials are present.

However, this does not give the edge to laser welding. Micro welding services remain in high demand. They outperform laser welding in three specific areas:

  • Penetration

  • Durability

  • Accessibility

Some also argue that performing any micro welding service is substantially easier and more practical than employing laser welding for the same actions. One reason behind this is the need to use an external fixture to achieve the correct fit-up for the part. This requires time not necessary for micro welding.

Another equally compelling argument points out the difference between the two methods as well as clearly indicating the time disparity. All components must undergo a thorough cleaning before laser welding to prevent serious problems. In contrast, micro TIG welding can forge ahead, burning down any problem spots.

Consider Both

The two methods of welding are not symbiotic. However, a company knows when to utilize one over the other. At Micro Weld, we offer both types. It is an essential component to provide the most precise welding services possible. Contact us anytime at

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