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Micro Laser and TIG Welding Services to Medical Device Manufacturers

Updated: Apr 29

Welding for medical device applications requires a special level of attention to various important factors, including the materials used, part’s sensitivity to heat transfer, and distortion. At Micro Weld, our team offers both micro laser and TIG welding services to deliver precise welding results for medical parts.

Experienced Micro Laster and TIG Welding Services

For more than 25 years, we have provided TIG and micro laser welding services to various industrial sectors, including the medical device manufacturing sector. As an ISO 13485 welding company, we operate under the highest standards of quality control and work with our customers from development to production to help ensure their design goals are met.

Although welds are some of the smallest features of a product or structure, they are some of the most critical. Some medical assemblies include thin-walled components that require very precise and versatile welding for proper fusing of parts. Our medical welding professionals along with the welding equipment they use excel at meeting these requirements.

Our customers trust us to produce the results they need and deliver their finished products quickly.

Trusted Medical Welding Professionals

Due to its accuracy, cleanness of results, and tight tolerance capabilities, micro welding is commonly used for medical device applications. The highest quality welds are required for medical device parts, such as those for medical implants, in order to ensure proper function and safety. As a welding company committed to meeting ISO 13485 standards, we are considered the “safe choice” among our customers.

Production Welding

The number of welding professionals we employ at Micro Weld allows us to provide some of the shortest lead time in the production welding industry. We apply multiple certified technicians and multiple machines to your process and project as needed in order to achieve prompt, yet precise, high quality results.

Prototype Laser and TIG Welding

We offer TIG and micro laser welding services for medical prototyping projects. Our welding technicians can collaborate with you from the proof-of-concept stage to the development stage. We employ various processes as needed until we achieve the desired result. The collaboration we provide upfront results in a production process that is robust, cost-effective, and repeatable.

Look no further than Micro Weld for the micro laser and TIG welding services you need for your medical device applications.

To learn more about the micro laser and TIG welding services we offer for medical devices, call us today at 763.425.8818. Or use our contact form to drop us a message or request a quote.

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