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Micro Welding and Its Applications

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Micro welding is a process of welding performed at exceptionally low amperage through the means of a high-powered microscope. The technician carrying out the process is key to its success and normally performs the welding on smaller delicate parts. At Micro Weld, we provide a micro welding service that generates narrow, high precision welds for a variety of applications in the medical, industrial, mold repair and revision, oil & gas, and general industries.

What is Micro Welding?

Micro welding, also referred to as precision welding, is an innovative process. It produces welds that are smaller than welds produced by standard welding processes. These welds can be as tiny as .003 inches. Micro welding Utilizes Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) to get the job done.

Micro welding is challenging to perform and must often be done without affecting the surrounding area with heat. As mentioned, microscopes are used to see and apply the extremely small arc and weld with the required precision. The technician applying the weld must exert exceptional concentration to achieve a successful result.

Below is the process of performing a micro weld:

  • Electric current is conveyed to grounded work piece via a tungsten electrode, resulting in the production of heat

  • Helium or argon gas is applied to produce an arc and protect the surrounding surface from contamination

  • Heat is produced at the arc gap point

  • Molten pool is produced

  • The filler rod is placed into the molten pool

Micro Welding Applications

The material to which micro welding may be applied include:

  • Copper

  • Stainless steel

  • Bronze

  • Nickle

  • Titanium

  • Aluminum

  • Carbon steel

However, micro welding is not very suitable for use on galvanized steel or brass because the level of zinc in these metals can caused welding problems.

For example, micro welding could be used effectively to fuse back together a custom tool that has broken instead of purchasing a new one or otherwise remaking the piece.

Micro welding is one way to repair a die which has been damaged. These dies are used to shape or cut material, and some are intricate and small. Repair by micro welding is faster than producing or purchasing a new tool.

For more information about the micro laser welding services we offer at Micro Weld, call us today at 763.425.8818 or reach us through our contact form to send a message or request a quot

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