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Micro Welding – Important Things to Know

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Micro welding is a type of welding that addresses the need to join together micro parts during fabrication. The welding technician performing this type of welding must have steady hands to ensure other areas other than the designated weld areas are untouched. At Micro Weld, we offer a micro welding service that produces high precision, narrow welds for an array of industrial applications.

About Micro Welding

Micro welding is a precision welding process that is ideal for fusing together small and delicate parts. A very common type of micro welding is Micro TIG welding, which is an arc welding process that generates super high temperatures in the range of 6000 °F (3315 °C).

Micro welding is categorized in various types, with Micro TIG welding as one of those mentioned above. Others include micro laser welding, micro resistance welding, and flash micro welding. Micro welding is also only suitable for certain materials since the material must be strong enough to maintain its structural integrity. Some of the best materials for a micro welding service include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel,copper, titanium, platinum, and molybdenum.

Micro TIG Welding

This welding process is ideal for parts that have high alloy density. The Micro TIG process involves the heating of filler material between the base metal and non-consumable tungsten electrode. As the weld arc formation is maintained properly, the metal melts, causing it to fuse together.

Micro TIG welding is ideal for joining together metals with similar and in some cases dissimilar properties.

Micro Laser Welding

As its name suggest, this type of micro welding service incorporates the use of a laser. These lasers using light energy. Laser micro welders are able to produceconsistent power that produces a clean weld appearance. Micro laser welding is often used on plastic injection mold repairs and revisions as well as medical device components and production.

Micro Spot Welding

Also referred to as micro resistance welding, the welding technician performing micro spot-welding fuses different metals together through the heat produced from the resistance between electrodes as an electric current move through them.

Micro spot welding is generally used for a narrow set of applications, unlike some other types of micro welding, but can be automated through robots or CNC and as such is used often in the automobile manufacturing industry.

For information about our micro welding service options at Micro Weld, give us a call today at 763.425.8818, or send us a message or request a quote through our contact form.

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