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Precision Welding Services and Solutions

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

At Micro Weld, we offer a precision welding service which is ideal for welding a wide array of components, such as tool molds,medical devices, plastic injection molds, aerospace, defense, and industrial parts and production.

What is a Precision Welding Service?

Precision welding involves the application of welds to a workpiece in an exceptionally controlled and precise manner. The dimensional tolerances for a particular weld are often less than 0.005 inch (±0.1 mm) for both the location of the weld line and the weld depth. This type of welding is often applied to parts with tight dimensional tolerances, very small parts, and parts that need an almost invisible weld line.

TIG and Laser Welding Services

Our TIG and laser precision welding service includes single part and production welding, revisions and repairs on dies and molds, R&D and proof of concept for an array of industries.

We employ an enclosed machine for our laser welding process that directs light energy to metal in order to fuse the pieces together. The TIG welding service we provide happens under a microscope, even though it uses a torch and filler rod. This allows for extremely small welding operations as small as a couple thousands of an inch.

We can micro weld various types of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper, titanium, platinum, and nitinol. We also execute quick turnarounds on every order.

Micro Welding Benefits

Our professional welding services produce a very small amount of part distortion. There are particular parts that require exceptionally small welds in industries such as defense and medical. The laser welding service we offer uses no heat input. Our TIG welding service uses minimal input of heat. Micro welding can weld hard to reach areas and delivers precise, small welds in vital areas that must be preserved from distortion and heat sink.

Our team at Micro Weld is your premier source for micro welding professionals who provide welding for medical, aerospace, defense, gas & oil, mold industries and production welding.

To learn about the precision welding service and solutions we offer, call us today at 763.425.8818 or use our contact form to leave a message or request a quote.

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