Types of Micro Welding

There are various ways to micro weld, but four types of micro welding in which a micro welder receives training to perform. These are micro laser welding, TIG micro welding, resistance micro welding, and flash micro welding. At Micro Weld, we are your source for experienced micro welding service options to meet various industrial needs, including those in the medical, oil and gas, mold repair, and other industries.

Micro Laser Welding

This welding technique uses afiber or yag laser to join together two metal pieces with a seamless weld. Micro laser welding is able to achieve some of the highest quality welds.

TIG Micro Welding

A welding technician performing this type of welding process uses a small welding torch to produce accurate welding results. It can require the use of a filler wire for build ups or to fill gaps in joints. It also does not generate too much residual stress. TIG micro welding is often used to fuse damaged components back together.

Flash Micro Welding

When a welding technician uses this welding process, heavy pressures are released by a cam assembly to produce strong welds. Flash micro welding helps to increase production levels and reduce costs. A common application involves processing steel rods having large-sized diameters. This type of micro welding service can also be used to produce chains of gold or silver or of regular metals. It can create links that have a high breaking resistance.

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