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What are the Advantages of Micro Laser Welding?

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Compared to conventional forms of welding, micro welding requires a higher level of control in order to prevent over-penetration and substrate damage. Micro laser welding is one type of micro welding service that is ideal when narrow, clean, and highly precise welds of an extremely small nature are required. At Micro Weld, we are your source for laser micro welding services for an array of industrial applications.

Some important factors to consider when selecting the type of laser source for micro welding applications includes the material to be welded, beam spot size and quality, and output power stability.

The Micro Laser Welding Process

Laser micro welding uses laser light to weld small components together. The laser light quickly melts the metals, fusing them together. With this welding method, the light energy exclusively heats the targeted weld area, leaving surrounding areas untouched. This process negates considerations regarding electrical connections, current flow, or current polarity. As such, with micro laser welding, no damage occurs to electrically sensitive parts. A micro laser welder can join both similar and dissimilar metals together.

Why Use Micro Laser Welding?

Standard welding processes often involve the application of excessive heat which can negatively impact the performance of the component subjected to the weld. Issues that can occur include reduced mechanical properties and distortion.

On the other hand, the level of heat involved with the application of laser beam welding can be adjusted as needed. There are minimal reductions, if any, of the mechanical integrity of components through a properly implemented micro laser welding process.

Some of the special advantages of micro laser welding include:

  • No shape or dimension distortion post-weld

  • Thermal input is exceptionally focused with the affected heat zone very narrow

  • Minimal required pre- and post-processing treatments

  • Ideal for welding in traditionally hard-to-access and tight spaces for standard fusion welding

  • No limitation on size

Laser micro welding is a versatile type of welding that provide multiple ways of fusing parts together, either on the surface or through deeper penetration with weld seams.

For information about the micro laser welding services a micro laser welder from our team can provide for your application, give us a call today at 763.425.8818. Or reach us through our contact form to leave a message or ask for a quote.

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